Helping Kids Protect Their Growing Smiles

Until they are old enough to take care of their teeth without your help, you will play a direct role in keeping your kids safe from problems like dental decay and gum disease. However, you do not have to be the only person in their life helping them! Regular pediatric dental checkups provide important early feedback, give kids guidance on the value of oral health, and lead to helpful warnings about developmental issues and other concerns. Our Round Rock, TX pediatric dentist’s office is here to help our patients maintain their growing smiles. In addition to keeping their teeth and gums healthy, we can provide support in situations where oral health treatment might be necessary. (more…)

What To Expect At Your Child’s Routine Dental Appointment

Nobody likes surprises at the dentist’s office, and we want to make every family dental visit as relaxed and efficient as possible. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate your child’s concern, and when you have information about our services, our office policies and our financial arrangements, you can be there to support your child, whether for a pediatric dental checkup in Round Rock, TX, or for a specific issue that concerns you or your child, and needs a dentist’s attention. (more…)