A Tooth Extraction Could Prevent Infections And More

round rock kids extractions

When a child has a tooth that is impacted, or complicates the alignment and health of surrounding teeth, then the tooth may need to be removed. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist wants to talk about how we extract teeth, and the steps we take to ensure the procedure is a comfortable one. Sometimes, a safe and comfortable removal could help preserve your child’s smile and avoid major oral health complications!


A Dental Crown Could Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

round rock crowns

We offer a custom-made restoration known as a dental crown, which can correct a host of cosmetic and restorative dental issues, and even improve speech and the ability to eat. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we design and place a custom crown for children, and the benefits they provide for their oral health.


Pediatric Cavity Care With A Lifelike Filling

Parents certainly want to keep their kids safe from all kinds of harm, but some issues can prove difficult to completely avoid. Unfortunately, many children will have trouble with at least one cavity, something that can cause understandable worry in parents. The good news is that your Round Rock, TX pediatric dental office is prepared to act in the event that this happens. We can provide restorative work to make sure the threat from decay is stopped, and we can provide treatment to keep their tooth safe. With the materials we use to create lifelike dental fillings, we can provide support for our young patients that will preserve their appearance as well as their health! (more…)