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Baby Teeth Still Need Dental Fillings

round rock dental fillings

When children have a cavity, even in a tooth destined to fall out on its own, treatment is still necessary to avoid painful complications. To treat cavities, we have lifelike and metal-free composite resin dental fillings. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we treat cavities in little smiles!

When Your Child Needs A Root Canal

round rock kids root canal

When your little one has a cavity, we may offer treatment with a filling. But should the decay remain untreated and an infection develop, we may need an endodontic treatment. Your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist offers a conservative approach to root canal therapy with a pulpotomy procedure.

Lifelike Fillings Keep Kids’ Teeth Safe

There are several reasons why your kids should make regular trips to see their dentist. Many of the benefits to consistent treatment are the same for kids as adults. One important reason to bring them in is to help them stay safe from dental decay. At an early age, cavities can be especially concerning, because… Read more »

Treating Your Child’s Dental Infection

round rock dental infection

When a child develops an infected or abscessed tooth, then treatment is crucial to avoid not only worsening pain, but the loss of the tooth altogether. To treat the issue, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist could offer a conservative root canal alternative known as a pulpotomy procedure.

Pediatric Cavity Care With A Lifelike Filling

Parents certainly want to keep their kids safe from all kinds of harm, but some issues can prove difficult to completely avoid. Unfortunately, many children will have trouble with at least one cavity, something that can cause understandable worry in parents. The good news is that your Round Rock, TX pediatric dental office is prepared… Read more »