Combating Cavities

How We Prevent Harmful Bacteria from Causing Tooth Loss

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems children and adults of all ages face. They are caused by harmful bacteria that eat away at a tooth’s structure, creating a hole. If left unaddressed, the hole will continue to get bigger, resulting in a greater area of tooth decay and ultimately even tooth loss. With proper management and restorative dentistry, however, cavities can be filled, saving the integrity of your child’s smile.

The Benefits of a Tooth Filling

When introduced to sugary substances, bacteria excrete a harmful acid that destroys the tooth enamel.  When this occurs, a hole forms and provides a means for more bacteria to enter and do further damage. During your child’s dental filling, our team will gently clean the affected area and fill it with a tooth-colored dental composite to create a tight seal and complete the tooth. It is then hardened to create a barrier against bacteria, preventing further infection or reinfection. Not only does this process restore your child’s smile, but it provides a natural-looking appearance to aesthetically complete it as well. For more information about the filling process, contact our office today.

Schedule Your Child’s Tooth Filling

A cavity’s progression can often be stopped through the restorative process of receiving a dental filling. Call our team at Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock in Round Rock, TX today at 512-733-5311 to schedule your little one’s dental filling. We proudly serve the Round Rock, Austin, and surrounding areas.