A Brighter Shine

How Our Team Can Brighten Your Child’s Smile

As with adults, it is natural for children’s teeth to begin to fade and turn yellow as they grow older. However, children’s teeth can turn an unsightly color and progress more quickly than average if they consume large amounts of soda, sugar, or do not maintain consistent oral health habits at home. In this event, teeth whitening might be an option. However, we urge you to discuss the option with your pediatric dentist before making your final decision.

When to Consider Whitening

The team at Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock emphasizes that tooth whitening for your child should only be considered if all permanent teeth have erupted, all orthodontic treatments have been completed, and the enamel on permanent teeth has been calcified. If these criteria are not met, there is a higher possibility of potential harmful effects to your child’s smile, such as heightened tooth sensitivity and more. Signs or causes of extreme discoloration at a young age can be the result of:

  • Harmful foods or beverages
  • Nerve damage and tooth trauma
  • Excessive fluoride
  • Tooth decay
  • Medical conditions that hinder tooth development
  • Poor dental hygiene habits

To learn more facts about whitening your child’s smile or to see if your child may be a candidate, contact our office.

Brighten Your Child’s Smile Today

It is important to know the risks, benefits, and processes that accompany whitening a young child’s smile. For more information, contact our Round Rock, TX office at 512-733-5311 to schedule an appointment with our team.