Why Your Child May Need a Crown

Safeguarding and Protecting Your Child’s Smile

When a tooth or oral structure becomes damaged or infected, it compromises the bite functionality, and can create  unevenness, tooth sensitivity, and even impact speech. If dental assistance is not sought, it could result in progression of disease, decay, and ultimately tooth loss. At Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock, our priority is to protect and preserve your children’s teeth, which may mean placing a dental crown restoration to protect a tooth from outside harm.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a form of restorative dentistry that provides a high level of protection from disease, infection, or other harm. The process consists of placing a metal or zirconia cap around a specific tooth, shaping it to the texture of the structure, and securing it with a dental cement or composite. Not only does this create a tight bond to the oral structure and restore the functionality of a tooth, but it also creates a protective shield that surrounds the tooth to stop further deterioration.

Typically, crowns or caps are utilized if there is a serious threat to the structure of a tooth, such as a large cavity or if significant damage has occurred. Alongside protecting your child’s smile from harmful bacteria, dental crowns can promote effective chewing, support proper speech development, protect baby teeth, and avoid the need for a tooth extraction.  For more information about dental crowns or the restorative process, contact our office today.

Schedule Your Child’s Next Dental Visit

At Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock, we recognize that while consistent preventive dentistry helps keep your little one’s smile healthy, bacteria and trauma can still affect a tooth and compromise a smile’s integrity.  Contact our Round Rock, TX office today at 512-733-5311 to learn how a dental crown could benefit your child’s smile.