Do Kids Ever Need A Root Canal Treatment?

round rock root canal for kids

When a tooth becomes infected, your child could experience serious discomfort, and risk the loss of a tooth altogether. We want to protect smiles and preserve them, and when a tooth is infected, we can do so with a root canal. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about our root canal alternative known as a pulpotomy.

The Causes of An Infected Tooth

An infection means that the pulp, the bundle of tissues at the center of your tooth, have been exposed to harmful bacteria. The pulp keeps your tooth functional and oversees the flow of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth. Without treatment, the infection could cause the pulp to die, effectively killing your tooth. Infection could then spread to other parts of the smile unless your tooth is extracted. The cause of infection could be an untreated cavity, as the decay will spread and eventually reach the tooth. A serious infection to the tooth could be responsible too. You should let us know if your children report an aching tooth, or pain when he or she eats. If you attend regular checkup visits, then we will be able to identify the issue in the earliest stages. We then treat the infected tooth with a root canal treatment for kids known as a pulpotomy!

Keeping Your Child Comfortable

We know the idea of a complex procedure can induce anxiety in kids, which is why we take steps to ensure they feel relaxed and comfortable. First, we will talk to your child and answer their questions, helping them feel heard and at ease. We will administer a local anesthesia to the tooth being treated, and also offer sedation to help you enter a calm and relaxed state. The sedation option we choose will depend on your child’s age, weight, medical history, and anxiety levels. Often, they have little to no memory of the procedure at all.

The Root Canal Procedure

Our team will take detailed digital x-rays, which use 90% less radiation, to identify the position of the infection and plan the procedure. Once your child is comfortable and relaxed, we will open the tooth and remove the infected portions of the inner tissues. We then add a special filling material to the tooth. In some cases, we may also cap the tooth with a dental crown. The crowns can often blend with the smile if made from zirconia. We also have stainless steel for the side and rear teeth, which are less visible and endure greater bite forces.

If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat infection in children’s smiles, then contact our team today.

Your Round Rock, TX, Pediatric Dentist Offers A Pulpotomy

When your child has an aching tooth, we can offer relief! Give us a call at Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock at (979)472-4498 for more information or to schedule their next appointment.