A Dental Crown Could Save Your Child’s Tooth

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A dental crown is a complete restoration that our team can use to repair little smiles and even correct overall bite balance. Our team can place one that fits comfortably and offers optimal restoration for little smiles. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we create and place crowns for children.

When Children Need A Dental Repair

A dental crown covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. Once in place, this can provide restoration that addresses restorative concerns, often with a cosmetic touch. We could prescribe one when a tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken. They can also improve overall bite balance and chewing function, and can be used to address tooth decay too severe for a filling. If a tooth needs a pulpotomy, a conservative alternative to the root canal, we could cap the tooth with a crown afterward. The restoration can stay in place for years to come, and prevent the premature loss of a child’s tooth due to advanced decay or infection.

The Materials We Use

The materials we use will depend on where the tooth is being placed. For the side and rear, which are less visible and endure greater bite forces, our team could use stainless steel. For the front facing and more visible teeth, we could use zirconia, which is also durable and strong, but can be shaded to blend with the smile and offer a more lifelike appearance. We take a number of factors into account when we choose the material we use.

Placing Your Child’s Restoration

The process starts with digital x-ray images so we can plan the procedure in detail. We then numb the tooth so your child is comfortable. If your little one has special needs or anxiety that make undergoing care difficult, we could discuss sedation options too, so your child enjoys a calm and relaxed visit. We then remove structure from the tooth. We gather detailed digital images and measurements to ensure the finished product fits comfortably and preserves overall bite balance. We attach the crown with a powerful bonding agent, so it can remain in place for years to come and safeguard the smile against further decay or infection in the tooth.

If you have any questions about how we create and place a crown for children, or if your little one needs a checkup and cleaning visit, then contact our team today.

Your Round Rock, TX, Pediatric Dentist Offers Dental Restorations

When we place a custom restoration, we can help kids enjoy strong, healthy, and beautiful smiles! Give us a call at Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock at (979)472-4498 for more information or to schedule their next appointment.