Crowns Protect Your Little One’s Teeth

Round Rock, TX, dentist offers crowns for kids

Did you know that dental crowns are not only used for adults? This restorative practice uses tooth-shaped caps to protect your pearly white after injury or infection. At Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock, TX, we can offer this for your child to protect their primary teeth. Before your little one has this restoration done, learn what to expect from this process in today’s blog.

When Is A Crown Needed

There are several scenarios in which this restoration may be recommended. If your child has harmed one of their pearly whites due to an injury, this can prevent it from further harm. Ignoring a broken tooth can cause the crack to continue, potentially leading to complete loss of the structure. Additionally, the area could become infected if not treated. Decay may be treated either with a filling or root canal treatment, depending on the severity. After these procedures, a crown may be bonded to the area to restrengthen the area.

How A Crown Is Placed

First, the dentist will assess the area. If the damage is deemed irreparable, they may suggest removal. However, this is usually the last resort. An impression will be made to create the crown. We use materials like metal or zirconia for this form of restoration. Once it is ready, the piece will be cemented in place. When the baby tooth falls out, the cap will come out with it. However, if it has fallen off beforehand, you should call your dentist to have it replaced.

Can The Tooth Be Extracted Instead

Many patients may wonder if they can simply have the tooth extracted. The primary dentition will be lost over time to make way for permanent ones anyway. However, this is usually not the best option. Removing a tooth prematurely can cause problems like spacing issues or misalignment. In the future, this could mean more time with the orthodontist. Unless the tooth is damaged beyond repair, or the permanent teeth are growing, removal is the last option.

Other restorative options may include dental fillings or root canal treatment. If your child has a cavity, a filling can help stop the growth of the decay. Although your child will eventually lose their first set of teeth, it is important to keep them in good health to promote proper growth of their permanent ones. In cases of severe decay, a root canal can be performed. This is used when the decay has reached the pulp of the teeth. The damaged part will be removed, the area will be filled, and a crown may be placed on top for extra support.

Schedule Their Appointment Today

If your child has harmed one of their pearly whites, it is important to have it restored as soon as possible. To schedule a restoration or other service, call Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock, TX, today at 512-733-5311.