When Your Child Has A Severe Cavity

Round ROck, TX, dentist offers root canals for kids

There are many restorative treatments available to reverse harm to a tooth. Broken or worn-down teeth can be covered with a crown. If your little one develops tooth decay, a filling can treat the area and prevent the carie from worsening. However, if the cavity is severe or becomes infected, another treatment may be necessary. For baby teeth, we can perform a pulpotomy to repair the area and relieve discomfort. Today, your Round Rock Pediatric Dentistry is here to explain what to expect from this procedure.

Protecting Your Kid From Decay

Although cavities are common and can be treated, there are a few preventive measures you can take to avoid them. At home, make sure that your little one is thoroughly doing their oral hygiene routine. If they need help with brushing or flossing, you or their dentist can help provide tips to make it easier. They should also be seeing the dentist twice a year. These visits can help keep their teeth clean, remove plaque, and spot decay early. Having a well-balanced diet can help as well because eating snacks with large amounts of sugar can be linked to cavities. For an extra boost of protection, you can ask to have a fluoride treatment done or for fillings to be placed.

Restoring Their Smile After A Cavity

If your child does develop a cavity, there is a way to repair their tooth. Even though they will eventually lose their primary dentition, keeping these pearly whites healthy and cavity-free can promote good habits. When a carie is found, their dentist may recommend a filling. During this treatment, the area may be numbed so that your little one can be comfortable. Then, the decay is removed and composite resin or another safe material will be used to fill the area. This will protect their smile from further damage, and function as a seal so that bacteria can not enter the space.

Pediatric Root Canal Treatment

In cases of severe decay, a pulpotomy may be necessary. During this procedure, the infected pulp of the tooth is removed. This will relieve discomfort and protect the area from further infection. This procedure is not as invasive as a root canal that is performed on adult patients. If a pulpotomy is not performed, the tooth may need to be removed. Your child’s dentist will want to avoid this if necessary because premature tooth loss can disrupt the alignment of your child’s smile. However, if the tooth is causing severe aches, sensitivity, or swelling, it may be extracted. After this, your dentist may suggest that space maintainers are placed to avoid misalignment problems.

We Can Help Repair Your Smile

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