Why Kids Need Oral Cancer Screenings

Round Rock dentist offers oral cancer screenings for kids

Did you know that your child’s cleaning and examination includes a screening for oral cancer? While this may seem unnecessary due to their age, it’s important to regularly look for signs of concern so that they can be treated promptly if any our found. Your team at Pediatric Dentistry in Round Rock, TX, is here today to discuss the common signs to look out for.

What Is Included In Your Biannual Appointment

Your child’s dental checkups should become part of their routine at an early age. This can help them feel comfortable with the team and understand the importance of oral hygiene. Their biannual appointment will include a cleaning, examination, and oral cancer screening. The cleaning will help remove plaque buildup and help their smile feel fresh. The examination may include X-rays or other images to help get a closer look at their oral cavity. These images are used to detect tooth decay, new eruptions, and other important oral health changes. An oral cancer screening will also be done to look for changes and potential warning signs. These examinations are essential to the preventive care process, because the earlier a problem is found, the sooner it can be treated.

Signs Of Oral Cancer To Be Aware Of

This is very rare in children, but it is important to check for nonetheless. The sooner the warning signs are found, the quicker a diagnosis can be made, and a treatment can be implemented. Common signs can include persistent ear pain or sore throats, red patches, or changes around the lips, tongue, and mouth. To screen for this, their dentist will perform a thorough examination of your little one’s smile. We understand that this can be a worrying problem to check for, but it is an essential aspect of oral healthcare. This form of cancer is most common in men over the age of 40 who have a genetic history, smoke often, or have HPV. Screening for this starting at a young age also serves as an opportunity to educate young patients on reducing their risk.

Other Problems We Monitor

We check for several other common oral health concerns when your child comes in for their biannual checkup. Their team will look for early signs of decay, gingivitis, and more so these problems can be treated promptly. Cavities are a common problem for younger patients. Fluoride treatments and sealants can be used as an additional protection from decay. If a cavity does form, dental fillings can be used to restore and protect their tooth. Monitoring these common problems can help minimize the need for emergency dental care in the future.

Checkups Keep Your Little One’s Smile Safe

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