Creating Crowns To Help A Child’s Smile

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When a filling isn’t enough to help restorative issues with a child’s smile, we could prescribe a dental crown. The restoration covers the tooth and corrects both cosmetic and restorative issues. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we place a restoration, and when your little one may need placement.

When Your Child Needs a Restoration

A restoration could be used to repair teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or worn down. Treatment then prevents complications like tooth decay or infection. We could also use them to repair more severe cases of tooth decay, or to complete a root canal for an infected tooth. Placement could correct malformed or misshapen teeth, which also improves bite balance and the ability to chew. They have a number of applications to help improve the health, function, and even the beauty of your little one’s smile.

Creating a Dental Crown

First, we will carefully examine the smile with advanced imaging technology, so we can plan the procedure and design the crown with accuracy and precision. We then administer a local numbing agent and remove structure from the tooth. Images will be taken of the prepared tooth and used to design and create the finished product. We could use metal, or possibly lifelike ceramic. The restoration is attached with a powerful bonding agent, and could stay in place for years to come.

Protecting Little Smiles

Often, we use them to correct damage or repair cavities. With a few simple steps, you could help protect your child from these complications. For example, when they play sports or martial arts, have them wear a mouthguard to limit the risk of cracked or chipped teeth, or having them knocked out completely. Make sure they brush and floss, and don’t go overboard on sugary foods and drinks. These actions could lower the risk of cavities. A visit every six months is also recommended, so we can keep an eye on the smile and watch for issues that need treatment. We can also discuss good oral health habits and help your child better understand their smile, and the care needed to keep teeth strong.

If you have any questions about our approach to children’s dentistry, or about how we create and place a dental crown, then contact our team today to learn more. We would love to help your kids enjoy good oral health for years to come, and look forward to seeing them soon!

Talk To Your Round Rock, TX Dentist About Crowns

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