If Your Little One Has A Cavity

ROund Rock Dentist of Texas offers preventive care for your child's dental health

Even though your child will eventually lose their first set of teeth, it is important to keep up with their oral health. Proper prevention, and restorations, when necessary, can create good habits that will last a lifetime. If your young one develops a cavity, Round Rock Dentistry in Texas offers fillings to repair their pearly whites after decay. This will help promote healthy permanent teeth to grow in.

How To Prevent Cavities

One of the best ways to avoid needing dental restorations is to practice prevention skills. At home, you should supervise your child’s oral hygiene routine. Although they may want to be independent and brush on their own, it can be difficult for them to thoroughly clean their teeth. To make the learning process easier, you can do your routine together, read educational books on dental care, and make it a fun activity instead of a difficult hassle. In addition to at-home care, you should also bring your little one in every six months for a checkup. This can help detect cavities and other problems early.

Fluoride Treatments And Sealants Offer Extra Help

Since it can be a challenge for your little one to brush thoroughly, we offer fluoride treatments and sealants for additional protection. Fluoride is a mineral used to restrengthen your enamel, which prevents cavities. This will be applied as a gel material to their teeth after a cleaning. Sealants are applied to the back molars and act as a thin barrier between their teeth and bacteria from food.

Filling A Tooth

If your young one does develop a cavity, we are here to help. Tooth decay happens in stages, and it is important to treat them as soon as possible to stop the progression. A filling can be used to remove the damaged part of a tooth and protect it from worsening decay. The material used in this treatment will match the color of their smile, so it will look completely natural. After the restoration, remember to wait to eat or drink anything for around 30 minutes so the filling can set.

When a cavity is ignored for prolonged amounts of time, it can continue to worsen. Depending on the severity of the decay, they may need root canal therapy or extraction to repair the tooth. A children’s root canal is called a pulpotomy, and it helps heal the decayed area. If a filling cannot restore the damage, this is the recommended alternative to keep the natural teeth intact.

Schedule Their Appointment Today

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