We Offer Safe Teeth Whitening Treatment For Kids

Round Rock, TX, dentist offers whitening for kids

Did you know that we offer cosmetic services for pediatric patients? If you would like to help boost your child’s confidence in their smile, this may be achieved with a professional whitening treatment. Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock, TX, offers this option for younger patients who have all of their permanent teeth in and have gone through their necessary orthodontic treatment. In today’s blog, we will be discussing how we can safely whiten their smile.

When Should Kids Consider Whitening?

Yellowing of the teeth can happen naturally over time due to external factors. While this may not directly indicate if your oral hygiene is poor, it can cause feelings of self-consciousness. If your child has a special occasion coming up, such as school picture day or a school dance, a brightening treatment may help boost their confidence and improve the look of their pearly whites.

It is important to note that this should only be done if your child’s oral health is in good shape. A cosmetic treatment should only be considered if their teeth are in good health, all adult teeth have grown in, and they have gone through their necessary orthodontic treatment. If this has not happened yet, it may be best to wait for this. Sometimes, a discolored tooth could be the result of poor oral hygiene or an injury. Their dentist can examine their smile and determine if any restorations may be done instead.

How We Safely Approach Cosmetic Treatment

When it comes to making smile improvements, it is important to do this safely, so your child’s smile is not harmed. It may be tempting to purchase generic brightening products like toothpaste, strips, or mouthwashes. However, these could potentially contain harmful ingredients that are too harsh on their teeth. Having this treatment done by a professional can help ensure that their treatment is personalized to their own needs. Before having this done, the dentist will examine their smile and assess the discoloration. If all the criteria have been met, they will be approved for the process.

Keeping Their Pearly Whites Vibrant

Discoloration can happen naturally, but there are some ways to avoid yellowing teeth. First, make sure that your kid is properly doing their oral hygiene routine. This can help keep their smile clean and prevent many other problems, like cavities. Make sure that they also see the dentist twice a year for a checkup. This can ensure that there are no signs of cavities or gingivitis that need to be treated. Lastly, try to give your child a well-balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and limiting soda and sugary snacks.

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