Better Smile Function With Dental Bonding

round rock dental bonding

As part of our cosmetic treatment options, we have dental bonding and contouring. These treatments can repair damage and improve smile beauty in only one visit. In today’s blog, your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how we improve smile function and beauty with dental bonding and cosmetic contouring.

Dental Bonding

The dental bonding procedure can repair teeth in only one visit. We begin by gently administering a local anesthetic to keep your child comfortable. We also have dental sedation available for children with high levels of anxiety or special needs that make receiving treatment a difficult process. Once your little one is comfortable, we will gently clean the teeth, remove any decay, and etch the outer surfaces. We apply the composite resin material, which is metal-free and shaded to blend with the tooth. The dentist sculpts and molds the tooth, and then cures the tooth under a special light. In one visit, the tooth is reshaped and transformed.

Esthetic and Function Benefits

This can offer esthetic benefits by masking teeth stains, and also reshape malformed teeth. We can repair minor chips and cracks, and lengthen any worn-down teeth too. Placement could also help correct bite imbalance to improve a child’s ability to eat and speak without complication, and to avoid discomfort in the jaw joints and face as they grow older. Since this takes one visit, we could combine them with other treatments, such as fillings and crown placement, or help restore major issues.

Dental Contouring

We could also discuss dental contouring. Essentially, this means we correct minor issues without adding new material to the tooth. Contouring involves gently sanding and buffing the tooth to remove pits, grooves, or rough patches in the outer surfaces. We can reshape overly large or misshapen teeth, and repair minor chips too. The procedure could also help by dulling sharp, pointed, or jagged teeth as well. We could combine this with teeth whitening or bonding too. When your child has an issue with the beauty of the teeth, or bite imbalance, we can use this to bring relief and help them smile with confidence again.

If you have any questions about when to see us for treatment, or if you would like to schedule a checkup and cleaning for your little ones, then contact our team today to learn more.

Your Round Rock, TX Pediatric Dentist Offers Smile Repair

At Pediatric Dentistry Of Round Rock, our team is ready to help repair and restore little smiles in one visit with dental bonding and cosmetic contouring procedures. For more information on cosmetic smile improvement or about our lifelike dental restorations, or to set up an appointment, contact your Round Rock, TX, pediatric dentist, Dr. Thames, by calling 512-733-5311.