Choosing A Dental Filling For Your Child’s Tooth

Choosing A Dental Filling For Your Child’s ToothOver time, your child will learn how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Understanding the importance of oral health care helps your child stick to their home care routines. While children are developing however, they may not always be capable of properly cleaning all of their teeth. Additionally, genetics play a role in how susceptible your child is to cavities. If your child does develop a cavity on their tooth, you should take them to the dentist as soon as possible. Choosing a dental filling for your child’s tooth can undo the effects of a cavity and restore your child’s smile.

Dental Fillings Provide Functional and Esthetic Restorations

Dental fillings provide a cosmetic restoration for your child’s damaged tooth, in addition to protecting it. Cavities are created by the activity of bacteria. Before your dentist can restore your child’s tooth, they need to remove that bacteria. Then, your child’s dentist can use a tooth-colored resin to fill in the cavity and protect it from future infection. The filling will return your child’s bite to normal, and restore the healthy appearance of your smile. This is the most basic restorative dental procedure your dentist can use to address damaged teeth.

Choosing a Dental Filling Now Prevents Future Issues

Ignoring a cavity has consequences. You may wonder how important cavities are to your child’s teeth since they will eventually fall out and make way for adult teeth. The compounding effects of tooth decay can impact your child’s oral health long after they’ve lost their baby teeth. Tooth decay can eventually spread to the gums and other oral tissues, where the infection creates additional health problems. The healthy development of your child’s teeth leads to better long-term oral health overall.

Make Sure Your Child Is Brushing and Visiting Their Dentist

Preventive care is the best way to prevent cavities from forming. Preventive care doesn’t have to take long. Brushing your teeth twice per day significantly reduces your risk for cavities. Flossing daily helps even more. If cavities prove a persistent problem, you may consider brushing after each meal to remove food debris. Make sure your child attends their biannual dental checkups. A cleaning and examination every six months allows your dentist to check in and make sure serious issues don’t develop.

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