We Offer Emergency Dental Care For Kids


Round Rock, TX, dentist offers emergency care

Preventive dentistry can reduce the chances of many common problems. However, accidents are not always avoidable. When they happen, it is important to be prepared for them. If your little one has harmed a tooth, gums, or smile in any way, the team at Round Rock Dentistry is here to help. The team can assess the harm that has occurred and produce a helpful treatment plan to restore their health.

How You Can Prevent An Emergency

Some types of injuries or harm are unavoidable. Accidents such as breaking a tooth, or a jaw injury may not be able to be prevented. The risk of cavities or infections may be reduced with the help of preventive care. At home, make sure that your little one is participating in a thorough oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing and flossing. This can help eliminate food particles and keep harmful bacteria from forming. Biannual checkups can help detect many potential concerns early, so remember to bring your kids in regularly for these.

What To Do In This Situation

It is important to be prepared for an emergency in case your child does face serious discomfort or harm that needs to be treated immediately. First, remember to stay calm. Your little one will feel more at ease if they see that you are not stressed or anxious about the situation. Then, take a look at the injury. If they have broken a tooth, try to keep the pieces in a clean container. To help reduce discomfort, you can give over-the-counter pain relievers or apply a cold compress. Call our office to schedule an urgent visit. It is important to have the injury examined and treated as soon as possible to stop discomfort and prevent the harm from worsening. When you come in for a visit, the team will guide you through the situation and do their best to help your little one feel comfortable.

Possible Treatment Options

The remedy for the harm will depend on the type and severity of the situation. The dentist will take a look at the area to assess the injury. This process may be nerve-wracking for your child, so our team will do their best to help them feel calm. Instances such as a severe cavity or infection may be resolved with the help of a filling or a root canal. If a tooth has been broken, a crown may be used to protect the area. Your child will eventually lose their primary set of teeth, but it is important to keep this first set healthy until the adult ones erupt. The dentist will explain the necessary treatments with you before they are performed.

Call Us When You Need Urgent Care

Seeking immediate treatment can help ensure that their smile is safe. To schedule a visit, call Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock at 512-733-5311.