pediatric xrays in round rock, tx

Kids Dental Services

Dr. Bookmyer and her team at Pediatric Dentistry of Round Rock are here to educate children on the healthy practices of dental hygiene to pave the way for a lifetime of excellent oral health. We offer a wide variety of treatments like comprehensive exams, cleanings, fillings and sealants that are designed to maintain your child’s overall well-being. Video games in the waiting room and televisions on the ceiling in each office help distract your child from any nerves! Every treatment and procedure is aimed to make every appointment as enjoyable as the next. For children whose anxiety is a little more serious, sedation options are also available.

Providing the Best Oral Health & Care, One Child at a Time

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams evaluate your child’s overall oral hygiene, health, and growth and development. It gives us an in-depth look at not only the teeth, but the bones and the tissues of the mouth to make sure everything is growing and functioning as it should be. Twice yearly exams are recommended to help your child’s teeth and mouth develop properly as the grow. Every stage in a child’s life comes with different dental needs and responsibilities.

pediatric dentist services in round rock, tx

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